Aesthetic Dentistry CR

Contact Person: Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini
Street: Calles 28-30, Avenida 3 bis # 2841
City: San Jose
Country: Costa Rica
Phone: 888-885-5576
Fax: 506-2222-4176

This is the official site of Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini , a Costa Rican Certified Prosthodontist, implant expert, who in conjunction with another surgeon, was the first Dentist to place a dental implant in Costa Rica.
He has placed and restored over 17,300 dental implants since 1980. He has more than 42 years in Dental Practice with 30 years of experience in Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini Dental Clinic, is recognized as one of the best practices in Dental Reconstruction, Dental Implant placement and Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica and around the World. Currently it is the only Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to place both One stage and two Stage Dental Implants made out of Titanium or non metal Zirconia Dioxide.

We even place Dental Implants for other Colleagues at our Dental Clinic.
All of our quality procedures are done in days, in a very modern, comfortable and friendly environment with specially designed facilities and state of the art equipment.
Patients are treated in a highly humane and respectful manner. Advice for traveling and lodging is available. Free Airport pickup is available.

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