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nevada 932708 640If you look at sportsbook pay per head sites, you will see their news full of states in the US that are experiencing a drop in sports betting. While this is worrying to some, it is a normal trend that happens this time of year. And if you think that it is only your sportsbook with dismal numbers, think again, as even Nevada is seeing a drop in sports betting for July.

The culprit, as you would see in your sports betting software, is the lack of sports events. Since it is summer, there are fewer sports leagues in season. And in the case of the US, the NBA is out until October, the NFL will not start until July. You do see some action in baseball and other sports, but without basketball and football- both professional and collegiate, then expect your numbers to stay low.


Nevada Sports Betting Handle

Let’s take a look at Nevada, which has one of the largest betting markets in the country. The total sports betting handle for Nevada this July is at $409,659,755. This is a whopping 24.9% decrease in handle from June’s $545,367,518 handle. Of course, if we look at the year on year data, Nevada still comes ahead from July 2020 by around 150.5%, as July 2020’s handle was only at $163,553,029. If you look at sportsbook pay per head reviews, you will see that there is still a lot of interest and activity in the sports betting industry. Meaning, this slump will not be permanent, especially as the year-on-year growth for many states is exponential.

And while many would like to find deals, such as discounts in Costa Rica, your sportsbook can also have the same promo. Some may not offer due to paltry numbers, but they may also want to generate more action, so watch out for new promos or bonuses in many online sportsbooks.


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