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New Hampshire is not only very close to hitting $100 million in monthly wagers, but also set the state’s sports betting record. With $98.19 million in total monthly sports betting handle, New Hampshire sportsbooks have seen the best month since the market launched. Many a pay per head bookie has reported record-high handles across many sportsbooks for October. Let’s talk about the numbers for October.

The state’s total monthly sports betting handle for the state is 44.1% higher than that of September’s $68.1 million. And if we look at the year-on-year data, we have a 108.7% increase from October 2020’s $47.05 million. This is a noteworthy handle because New Hampshire only has one sportsbook, run by DraftKings. As the sole sports betting software running in the state, they agree to turn over 51% of their sports betting revenue to the state.

New Hampshire Sportsbooks

Many in the Bookie PPH industry believe that there should be a healthy level of competition available to players. It bolsters innovation, and ensures that the players get access to better lines. This somehow becomes put into question with just one sportsbook in the whole state, where bettors have no choice but to use the only sportsbook available.

This is quite odd, since online sports betting is supposed to make things very easy to people to bet on. Even though people can bet from anywhere in the state, through any device that they choose, they only have one site to go to. The local sports betting industry has such a potential for growth, if there were more sportsbooks that are accessible to the public. With three retail sportsbooks an one online sportsbook under one operator, New Hampshire could definitely earn more if they were to expand the local betting market.


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