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jason koonJason Koon followed up his High Stakes Duel victory with another big win. Although he lost a significant chip lead in the final table of the PGT Championship, he rebounded to win the $500,000 cash prize.

On the morning of Day 2 (Thursday), with over half the chips still in play and just six players left, the 2021 World Series of Poker winner returned to the action. However, while playing against some of the top players in the world, no chip lead is immune from a terrible run of hands in no-limit Texas hold 'em.

According to PPH sportsbook reports, Koon, Nick Petrangelo, Benny Glaser, Stephen Chidwick, Sean Winter, and Chad Eveslage returned on the second day. The top 21 finishers on the 2022 PGT leaderboard were invited to participate in a free, winner-take-all PokerGO tournament to round out the season. There would be one victor in a field of losers.


Jason Koon Wins Big

It has been a month for poker player Koon, who just won $1.6 million in Round 5 of High Stakes Duel III against poker legend Phil Hellmuth. According to racebook platform experts, he has traveled to the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas for a six-figure free roll as he waits for a new opponent for Round 6 ($3.2 million pot).

Following his Day 1 performance, it seemed inevitable that he would win the event. But on Thursday, things weren't so simple, and he had to work hard to win the massive reward at stake.

After eliminating Glaser, Eveslage, and Chidwick, Koon lost a sizeable portion of his stack playing ace-high into Winter's two pairs. Then shortly after, his little pocket pair didn't hold up in another massive hand against the same opponent.

After Petrangelo's elimination in third place, Winter took the chip lead for the first time in the tournament and eventually went on to win by a 2:1 margin.

Although the tide had turned totally against him, Koon remained unyielding. According to bookie pay per head sources, Winter won the 2022 Poker Masters. However, he was a formidable opponent who made several bold moves that placed him in a bind.

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