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Costa Rica soccer vs Mexico preview bannerIn our latest sports news, we are tracking the string of postponements in the football world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The news hits close to home, as the much awaited friendly between Costa Rica and Mexico is cancelled. Those who want to be an online bookie can earn a lot from sports betting, so its important to keep track of football matches around the world.

Today, the Costa Rican Football Federation, or Fedefutbol, announced that they will be cancelling the scheduled friendly by the two countries. Le Sele was supposed to meet Mexico on September 30 at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. This would have been the first time both teams are returning to the field due to the pandemic.

Mexico and Costa Rica Friendly

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According to Dedefutbol, the Costa Rican government did not approve of the federation’s travel plans. They believe that the responsible thing to do would be to suspend the game. The Federation, moving forward, will be coordinating better with the government regarding upcoming matches later this year.

It would have been a great match, as both countries have qualified for the semifinal of the Nations League, as well as CONCACAF. Both tournaments have been scheduled for next year.

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