Most Popular Jobs in Costa Rica for ExpatsAs a country that emphasizes education over having an army, Costa Rica is the ultimate destination in Central America for tourists and for people looking for a new way of life.  “Pura Vida” or the pure life is the motto of Costa Rica that thousands of expats every year have chosen to adopt for themselves.

They are basically two types of expats that live in Costa Rica.  The one that has chosen to retire in Costa Rica and the one that is not of retirement age and still needs to make a living.


Since is about finding bargains and saving money in Costa Rica, I thought I would share these great ideas on recycling common household items and turning them into practical useful things that you can use.

The ideas are ideal for not only saving money but are also good for the environment and are great projects to do if you happen to have kids in your house.

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Cesar Milan in Costa RicaCesar Millan, the world-renowned dog behavior specialist and co-creator and star of the popular television show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” is bringing his dog training tips and advice to people around the globe in his live tour.

Mr. Millan will be in Costa Rica on Saturday, January 28 at 8:00 pm at el Estadio Nacional and tickets are on sale now!