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The best Global Gambling Companies Located in Costa RicaCosta Rica is a haven for the gambling industry and several of the top sportsbooks and casinos are located here. The sports betting industry in Costa Rica provides a lot of job opportunities for locals and expats which is why it is an important part of the job market.  This is why we thought we would do an article on the best Global Gambling Companies located in Costa Rica.

To make things easier, we will separate each gambling company by type where we will go into why they are the best Costa Rica has to offer.


 Each company was chosen based on how much of their infrastructure is in Costa Rica and how they rank in terms of service.  Needless to say, we will only choose gambling companies that have an excellent reputation in their respective market.

The Best Gambling Companies of 2018 is The Best Online Sportsbook was chosen out of hundreds of sportsbooks in Costa Rica because of how they treat their employees.  Not only do they offer a quality sports betting service around the globe, they have the highest employee satisfaction.

Even though they are not the biggest employer in the Costa Rican gambling industry, they are certainly the best. They have been rated as a top sportsbook by several sportsbook reviews websites in the industry. In addition, they also own several other brands of gambling websites. us the Best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

PricePerPlayer.comThe Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry is mostly located in Costa Rica and Panama.  For those who do not know, a Sportsbook Pay Per head provider is a company that more or less leases its gambling software to gambling operators.

Anyway, wins the title this year because according to the most sportsbook pay per head review websites, they are amongst the best if not the best.  In addition, most of their infrastructure is in Costa Rica and they employ several Costa Rican and international employees.

The Best Online Casino in Costa Rica

bitcoinpenguin casinoBitcoin Penguin Casino is the company we chose because it has the best casino interface and have an excellent reputation. Even though the company is somewhat new since it started in 2014, they still have a solid product and great casino reviews.

They have hundreds of exciting casino games and other quality products and have a reputation for taking care of their employees.

The Best Sports Betting Software Company in Costa Rica

Bwager Sports Betting is a great provider of sports betting software around the world.  They have offices in Costa Rica, the United States and the Philippines. According to several gambling software reviews, they are known for going above and beyond for their clients.

In addition, they have won several awards in the past and really treat their employees well. 

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