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I was first introduced to the Epifania Spanish Language school one year ago after moving to Costa Rica from Atlanta, GA. A friend of mine who is a student there told me that this school is great for people my age (41) who are trying to learn Spanish at their own pace.

I made an appointment the school and this is where I met the dean of the school, Wagner Freer.

Mr. Freer was very courteous and showed me around the school which is small but in a very nice and relaxing environment.

For my needs, this is exactly what I wanted and had many choices to learn in a group or by myself. I chose the group method where I was placed with 6 more individuals ranging from college students to other expats living in Costa Rica like myself.

Needless to say, I loved the classes and I now can communicate in rough but understandable Spanish in Costa Rica. One of the main advantages of going to the Epifania Spanish Language school is that they have many activities and excursions available to its students.

These excursions are great as it allows me to practice my Spanish in a real life setting.

The price of the school is very reasonable when compared to other Spanish learning institution and I consider the price to be a bargain in Costa Rica as I love the personalized lessons.

I strongly recommend this school to anyone that wants to learn Spanish in Costa Rica.



Dan E. is an American Expat who has been visiting Costa Rica for the last 10 years before he decided to move to Costa Rica where he works as a freelance writer for a Costa Rica real estate rental company.

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