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Gated Communities in Costa Rica When our good friend Trent and Janice told us about their plans to buy a home in Costa Rica, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out some of our real estate website sponsors.

We ended up sending them to Gated Communities in Costa Rica which specializes in finding safe and secure homes in Costa Rica.

The owner of the company is Mike Meehan, who is originally from California and moved to Costa Rica over 10 years ago.

Since then he has opened his real estate company and after 8 years in the real estate industry in Costa Rica, his business has become one of the best known real estate companies in Costa Rica.

Trent and Janice’s Real Estate Review

We first came to Costa Rica a year ago as part of our tour for finding the perfect location for our retirement. We were not in any hurry and after spending some time in Panama and Nicaragua, we decided to make Costa Rica our home.

We knew that we wanted to be in a gated community that had a good percentage of foreigners to find other people with the same interest as us. In addition, we wanted to a gated community that offered a lot of amenities such as swimming pool, pet friendly with lots of room for them to run around and of course a gym and socializing areas.

Gated Communities Costa Rica logoMike was a pleasure to work with as he is very knowledgeable about living in Costa Rica and showed us several properties in the suburbs of San Jose. We are certainly glad that he was no idea as to exactly where we wanted to buy our home.

He showed us a few gated communities in Santa Ana, Ciudad Colon, Grecia and Escazu and we finally decided to buy a home in Escazu, Costa Rica.

We realized that the cost of living was higher in Escazu but to us, the weather and convenience was worth it. Once we had our chosen location, Mike drove us to several gated communities before we decided on one.

The buying process was fairly painless as Mike took care of everything from bringing the price down y 10% to introducing us to several real estate lawyers who checked up on the house to make sure they were no lien or back tax against it.

It took about 2 weeks before all of the paperwork was done, signed and the registration complete. We expected the process of buying a home in Costa Rica to be a long and tedious process but Mike made the entire process as easy as can be.

We will certainly recommend Mike to our friends who are thinking about following in our footstep and we give him two thumbs up!

Trent and Janice in Costa RicaTrent and Janice are originally from Vancouver, BC in Canada and have been living in Costa Rica for a year. Trent is a retired engineer while Janice is a retired teacher.

The decision to move abroad was an easy one for them as they wanted to call home a country that had beautiful weather and an easy going lifestyle while still enjoy the amenities from home.

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