Resort Martino Casino in Alajuela, Costa RicaA couple of nights ago, my wife and I were in the mood for a bit of gambling but we did not want to go the usual large and busy casinos in Costa Rica.

I personally wastired of going to these large casinos like the Fiesta and the Colonial where the service is lacking and to be honest, where they treat you like walking ATM machines instead of a client.

So I asked some of my friends who are avid gamblers to suggest a few casinos and several of them told me to go to the Resort Martino Casino in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

I received a review copy of Thomas Ray O'Brien's “Clueless Clyde in Costa Rica” and dove in, not quite knowing what to expect. I was afraid it would be some sort of sleazy account of the joys of sex tourism.

Not to worry, my fears were unfounded. Unlike many other books dealing with this subject, there's no macho chest thumping here. Yes, there's a goodly amount of “sexual situations,” as the cliché goes.

But the “sexual situations” are only one part of Clyde's effort to deal with his loneliness and male menopause by traveling to Costa Rica to see if there was some sort of answer in the arms of a paid companions... okay, prostitutes.

Casino Club ColonialOct. 3, 2011 - If you are looking for a gambling experience in San Jose, Costa Rica the Casino Club Colonial might be the place for you.

This established Casino and hotel is one of the more known casino in Costa Rica that offers a sportsbook, lots of table games and all of the slot machines you can want.

I first discovered Casino Club Colonial on my first trip to Costa Rica where a friend suggested we go there to watch the NFL Monday Night Football.

Bachelor party in Costa Rica at Scarlett's Night ClubI first took notice of Scarlett’s night club on Costa Rica Ahorro as I was looking for a restaurant coupon in Costa Rica when I saw an ad about the grand re-opening of this strip club.

Even though I did not go to the re-opening party, I did inquire them about hosting a bachelor party in Costa Rica for one of my friend.

I sent an email to Scarlett’s and 2 hours later, I received a phone call from Gerard who is the general manager of the club.