2016 best hamburgers costa ricaSometimes, you just have a craving for a good juicy hamburger and buying a hamburger at a fast food restaurant in Costa Rica is not enough to satisfy that hamburger hunger. This is why our staff decided to roam the streets of Costa Rica in search of the best hamburger in Costa Rica.

We stayed away from all chain restaurants and visited 36 restaurants that sell hamburgers in Costa Rica that were recommended by our readers. The judging for the top hamburgers in Costa Rica was based on taste, appearance, restaurant ambience, service and price.

Restaurant Delivery Service ReviewYour family is hungry and you do not feel like cooking or leaving your house. What do you do? You simply call your favorite restaurant’s delivery service in Costa Rica, place your order and wait about 30 minutes for the food to arrive at your home.

In theory, this is a great service but sometimes it is not a very good experience. There is nothing more unpleasant than waiting for 30 minutes for your food to arrive and when it does, finding out that they delivered the wrong order. 

This is why I decided to make a review of delivery service of three fast food restaurants in Costa Rica.

Restaurant Mr Maiz Much to my sadness, this is my first bad review of a restaurant in Costa Rica. Perhaps not a bad review but a review that is not stellar.

Last week, I went with my wife to this restaurant called Mr. Maiz located in the Mall Dorado in Guadalupe/Moravia Costa Rica.

I have often seen the sign for this restaurant that offers local Costa Rican food and decided that I would try it out and do a review for Mr. Maiz in Costa Rica.

Bar y Pizzeria Jacaranda en Guadalupe, Costa RicaLast week my wife and I were in the mood for a pizza. Not the typical fast food pizza but a unique pizza from local pizzerias.

This is when a friend of ours who lives in Guadalupe, Costa Rica told us about this new pizza restaurant in Guadalupe called, “Bar y Pizzeria Jacaranda.

Located at the intersection of La Robert de Guadalupe and Alto de Guadalupe, this new and little known pizzeria is offers some of the best pizza in Costa Rica at unbelievable prices.

Last night I was invited to eat Mexican food at the Pink Taco in Alajuela.

To be honest, going to the Pink Taco was not my first choice as the Mexican food in Costa Rica that I have tried has always left me disappointed but since my friend was buying, I decided to give it a shot.

We arrived around 6pm and the restaurant was busy which is usually a good sign…

Lan Tien is a new asian restaurant in the downtown Moravia area that opened it's doors less then a month ago. 

I first saw this restaurant as I was visiting a friend in Moravia and thought that it had a clean and distinct look that appealed to my senses.

As my wife and I approached the door, a buzzer sounded to let us in and I must admit that the palce was impeccably clean with a nice modern asian decor.

Restaurante la Lluna de ValenciaLast night I went to eat with my wife to this quaint restaurant in San Pedro de Bavaria, Heredia  called, La Lluna de Valencia. A know restaurant in Costa Rica which prides itself on providing a menu from the Valencian and Mediterranean region.