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Dr Bitter Veterinarian in Costa RicaAs a proud pet owner in Costa Rica who loves his dog and wants the best care possible for him, I search high and low to find a good veterinarian in Costa Rica.

After several months of searching, I found a great one with Dr Bitter who has two locations which includes one in Escazu which was perfect for me as I live less then 1km away from his office.

I own a medium size dog that is a mix between a beagle and some other breed that I adopted from Animal Shelter Costa Rica a few months ago and I wanted to get him(spooky) checked out along with a flea bath.

Dr Bitter Veterinarian in Escazu Costa RicaI asked around and Dr Bitter’s name came a few time so I decided to check him out.

I called his office in Escazu and right from the beginning, I could tell I would get impeccable service as the person who answered the telephone was very polite, professional and courteous.

On the day of my appointment, I was promptly seen by Dr Bitter and he seemed like a very knowledgeable and professional veterinarian.

The best part was that the service was done in a fast but efficient manner and Dr Bitter was full of great advice when it came to taking care of Spooky.

The examination went very well except that I was not able to coax Spooky into giving up a stool sample so Dr Bitter could check for worms. However, it was not really a problem because Dr Bitter has a great home service and he just told me that next time Spooky makes his business, to just place it in a plastic bag and to then call his office and that someone would come pick it up.

Now, that is great service.

In the end, the bill for the examination and the pills came to less than $100 and I was very pleased and will keep Dr Bitter as Spooky’s veterinarian.

If you are interested in using Dr Bitter's services as your veterinarian, you can contact his office at:

600 m Oeste del Cruce (mapa)
Tel: (+506) 2228.1753
Lun-Vie 8am-7pm, Sáb 8am-6pm

Detrás del Centro Comercial del Sur
75 m Sur-Oeste del CCdS (mapa)
Tel: (+506) 2227.5017
Lun-Vie 10am-9pm,
Sáb 8am-7pm, Dom 9am-6pm


Dan E. is an American Expat who has been visiting Costa Rica for the last 10 years before he decided to move to Costa Rica where he works as a freelance writer for a Costa Rica real estate rental company.

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