2016 Costa Rica Ahorro Business Excellence AwardsCostaRicaAhorro.com is a website that specializes in offering its visitors the latest promotions, discounts and business reviews. 

This year, CostaRicaAhorro.com is proud to publish its list of the best businesses in Costa Rica based on customer service, Best Customer Satisfaction and Best All Around Business.

Atlantis Acuarion in Guadalupe, Costa RicaWhen I was a young girl, I loved aquarium fishes. My family had a 100 gallon aquarium in our house filled with beautiful fish of vibrant colors and a variety of plants. This is why I decided it was time to get an aquarium in my own house.

Buying an aquarium in Costa Rica can be a long process because you have find a store that has a large variety of fishes that are beautiful and healthy.

This lets you know that the store takes good care of their fish which in terms lets you know about their fish knowledge and whether they care or not about their store.

I first checked the internet looking for pet stores that carried aquarium fishes as well as aquarium stores in Costa Rica. I only found three stores that had an internet presence located in San Pedro, Belen and Guadalupe.

Deal of the Day in Costa RicaLast week-end I was sitting at a bar and pizzeria in Guadalupe talking with a few friends. One of us asked if there was an English ‘’Daily deal page’’ in Costa Rica.

All of us knew only a couple of those sites in Costa Rica, in Spanish. So I got on my tablet and search for one. And I found this new English Daily deal page in Costa Rica at www.holaofertas.com.

With a very nice presentation, 7 languages to choose from, everyone wanted to see it!

Farmer's Market in Guadalpe, Costa RicaThis article about the farmer’s market in Guadalupe in Costa Rica which is really more of a guide for tourists and newcomers to Costa Rica that I wrote because I have been getting several requests from foreigners to write about this topic.

Since I live a short bus ride away from the Farmer’s Market in Guadalupe, which is located it right behind the “Pilar Jiménez y Pavas school “, I thought I would write about my experience there.

El Cigarrillo Electronico Costa Rica is mostly an online store that sells the complete electronic cigarette kit as well as the refill cartridges.  The site is very nice and unique and they offer several types of flavors for their electronic cigarette.

All of their items are shipped thru DSL and can be shipped anywhere in Costa Rica with a 24-48 hour delivery.