Philippine President Hates Gambling but Allows Chinese Online Casinos to StayPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte is in a predicament involving Philippine offshore gaming operations. In the past, he proclaimed he hates gambling of every form. However, he went back on his words by allowing POGOs to continue operating in the country.

Chinese online casino investments bring in a lot of tax revenues. It was too big of an opportunity that Duterte ignored Beijing’s request to stop all online gambling in the Philippines. In fact, he is willing to issue more licenses to offshore gambling firms.

He previously proclaimed he hated gambling and even shut down local lottery operations for alleged corruption. However, there’s a massive expansion of the gambling industry under his administration’s watch.

Sportsbook pay per head operators are expecting lawmakers to legalize Illinois sports betting in spring. In fact, it will be part of a bigger gambling expansion deal that includes more options in horse tracks and new casino licenses.

Advocates of Illinois sports betting has the support of Governor J.B. Pritzker. He wants to use the revenue from sports wagering to fund government initiatives. In addition, he is expecting more than $200 million from sports betting in its first year.

Lawmakers are adjourning their session on May 31. However, they realized they need to resolve other issues before they get support for their sports betting bill. To get the gambling expansion bill passed, they need to prioritize sports betting to get to the governor’s good side.

Butterflies of Costa RicaWhen I was a boy growing up in the Santa Clara Valley, now more familiarly known as ‘Silicon Valley,’ I loved to chase butterflies. My grandmother bought me a picture book about butterflies and I recognized some of them from those I saw flying around my neighborhood. We had swallowtails, monarchs and painted ladies, among those I recall.

Maybe a morning glory, my memory is a bit dim that far back in the distant past, so long ago that orchards covered the valley and nobody on the block could have told you what a transistor was.

I loved the beautiful butterflies in my book, but soon realized I would never see some of the most spectacular butterflies simply because they were from far away parts of the world.

Costa Rica vs. Canada Soccer PreviewToday at 7:30PM ET the Costa Rican National team will take on Canada in the FIFA Gold Cup Group A. Canada is looking to take the lead in Group A at the Compass Stadium in Houston. The Canadian National team which is ranked 109th in the world by FIFA is currently in the lead after defeating French Guiana 4-2.

Enjoy the Hot Springs of Arenal in La Fortuna, Costa RicaRight now, the city of San Jose is just starting to get back to its usual routine after a fun filled holiday season. The kids are still out of school in Costa Rica and many parents remain on vacation. This leaves parents with the dilemma of keeping the family occupied in a cheap and inexpensive manner.

Sure you could take the kids out to see the latest movie, take them out to restaurant in Costa Rica or even for a sightseeing tour of a museum but these trips only last for a few hours leaving everyone with many spare hours for the rest of the day.

CHristmas shopping in Costa Rica part 2

Christmas is now just a few weeks away and the black Friday sales are over. In our last article about christmas shopping tips in Costa Rica, we learned about Black Friday sales being mostly hype and now we will go into more ways to save on Christmas shopping without going over your budget.

Before we go into some more useful shopping tips just remember that you should always ask for a receipt, always have an established budget and report any misleading practices.

Tips to Save Money when Christmas Shopping in Costa Rica Part 1Christmas is just over a month away and already the holiday decorations and sales are visible in stores all over Costa Rica. Black Friday has recently become popular in Costa Rica and every store is starting to advertise their Christmas decorations.

However, keep in mind that the Black Friday sales are mostly just a hype in Costa Rica where stores are just saying they are having a sale while in reality it is not much of a bargain if one at all.