Butterflies of Costa RicaWhen I was a boy growing up in the Santa Clara Valley, now more familiarly known as ‘Silicon Valley,’ I loved to chase butterflies. My grandmother bought me a picture book about butterflies and I recognized some of them from those I saw flying around my neighborhood. We had swallowtails, monarchs and painted ladies, among those I recall.

Maybe a morning glory, my memory is a bit dim that far back in the distant past, so long ago that orchards covered the valley and nobody on the block could have told you what a transistor was.

I loved the beautiful butterflies in my book, but soon realized I would never see some of the most spectacular butterflies simply because they were from far away parts of the world.

Enjoy the Hot Springs of Arenal in La Fortuna, Costa RicaRight now, the city of San Jose is just starting to get back to its usual routine after a fun filled holiday season. The kids are still out of school in Costa Rica and many parents remain on vacation. This leaves parents with the dilemma of keeping the family occupied in a cheap and inexpensive manner.

Sure you could take the kids out to see the latest movie, take them out to restaurant in Costa Rica or even for a sightseeing tour of a museum but these trips only last for a few hours leaving everyone with many spare hours for the rest of the day.

Since CostaRicaAhorro.com is about finding bargains and saving money in Costa Rica, I thought I would share these great ideas on recycling common household items and turning them into practical useful things that you can use.

The ideas are ideal for not only saving money but are also good for the environment and are great projects to do if you happen to have kids in your house.

So keep reading if you want to see more...

Cesar Milan in Costa RicaCesar Millan, the world-renowned dog behavior specialist and co-creator and star of the popular television show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” is bringing his dog training tips and advice to people around the globe in his live tour.

Mr. Millan will be in Costa Rica on Saturday, January 28 at 8:00 pm at el Estadio Nacional and tickets are on sale now!