pppA lot of people who travel across the world would always want a way to earn income from anywhere they are. This means having a flexible job that will give you good income. But teaching english online, or working as an online admin is a saturated market. One way to earn money from home, even while travelling, is by having your own pay per head sportsbook

The best Global Gambling Companies Located in Costa RicaCosta Rica is a haven for the gambling industry and several of the top sportsbooks and casinos are located here. The sports betting industry in Costa Rica provides a lot of job opportunities for locals and expats which is why it is an important part of the job market.  This is why we thought we would do an article on the best Global Gambling Companies located in Costa Rica.

To make things easier, we will separate each gambling company by type where we will go into why they are the best Costa Rica has to offer.


2016 best hamburgers costa ricaSometimes, you just have a craving for a good juicy hamburger and buying a hamburger at a fast food restaurant in Costa Rica is not enough to satisfy that hamburger hunger. This is why our staff decided to roam the streets of Costa Rica in search of the best hamburger in Costa Rica.

We stayed away from all chain restaurants and visited 36 restaurants that sell hamburgers in Costa Rica that were recommended by our readers. The judging for the top hamburgers in Costa Rica was based on taste, appearance, restaurant ambience, service and price.

Gated Communities in Costa Rica When our good friend Trent and Janice told us about their plans to buy a home in Costa Rica, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to test out some of our real estate website sponsors.

We ended up sending them to Gated Communities in Costa Rica which specializes in finding safe and secure homes in Costa Rica.

The owner of the company is Mike Meehan, who is originally from California and moved to Costa Rica over 10 years ago.

2016 Costa Rica Ahorro Business Excellence AwardsCostaRicaAhorro.com is a website that specializes in offering its visitors the latest promotions, discounts and business reviews. 

This year, CostaRicaAhorro.com is proud to publish its list of the best businesses in Costa Rica based on customer service, Best Customer Satisfaction and Best All Around Business.

Best Locations to Rent under $500 in Costa RicaCosta Rica is without a doubt one of the most popular vacation spot in the world for ecotourism, medical tourism and for its beautiful beach.  It is also one of the top countries for expats to retire in because it not only offers a cheaper cost of living; it also offers most of the amenities from home.

As an expat living in Costa Rica, I have had my share of touring the country looking for the perfect location.  I have bought and sold a house in Escazu, Costa Rica lived in Sabana Sur, Moravia, Athenas, Ciudad Colon and many other places around the Central Valley and I wanted to share my experience in finding houses for rent under $500.

Barberia Paris - Bargain Haircut in Costa RicaAfter living in Costa Rica for 10 years, you would think that I would have found the perfect barber or hairstylist by now.

I mean, we are talking about 120 haircuts which in my case, means about 57 different places that I have tried out without too much luck.

Some haircuts have been great others have been bad while others have been expensive and others cheap.

I had pretty much given up on finding a barber or hairstylist in Costa Rica that I could call MY barber or MY stylist until two months ago when I was walking towards Downtown, Guadalupe to meet a friend of mine at a the park.