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pppA lot of people who travel across the world would always want a way to earn income from anywhere they are. This means having a flexible job that will give you good income. But teaching english online, or working as an online admin is a saturated market. One way to earn money from home, even while travelling, is by having your own pay per head sportsbook


Of couse, you can see different reviews on the site, but service reviews are important since they give you experiences from people who actually use it. In my case, I use What I did, is i just signed up from their site, added some players I know who like betting, and configured my sportsbook. Of course, it was not an overnight success. You do have to build your sportsbook, and the ability to operate your sportsbook will depend on the money you have available to make sure you can float your wagers. 

But using made it much more convenient. First off, you just type in all the information you need: you make player accounts, you set your lines, and everything is automated. So, payments get processed by their system, I dont have to ask for screenshots of deposits or transfers or anything. I also did not need to manually pay all the players out after each game. 

The longer I was using their site, the better I got, since I got to focus more on studying how to be a good bookie. So I was able to add in a few more players, and the money I get is more than enough to cover the action, plus cover the fees for using their site. For those who don't know, its pay per head because you pay per head, or per player you have playing for you per week. 

Lastly, they have this handy feature where I can generate reports about my sportsbook. Its like I have my own team to do the hard work for me. So anyway, the reports will give you an idea on how you can improve your sportsbook. Then you can also see in your report which players are not turning in a profit. Based on all of this, you can adjust your players limits, or your sportsbook any way you would like. I have been using their service for a couple of years now, and I have had no problems so far. 

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