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Discount Pay Per Head started operating in 2016. Less material and reviews are visible online in terms of its popularity compared to established bookie pay per head services. But so far, the majority of discussions of DPPH have been favorable. We'll learn why.

Signing Up with

One aspect of that we enjoyed is how simple it is to open a bookie pay per head account with them. The application procedure is quick and straightforward. Additionally, you need to provide your login and password. You may then immediately log in after that.

developer g2b081c76e 640In our site, as well as other news and gambling sites such as Sports Interaction, you will see a lot of pay per head reviews. These reviews serve as a guide for those who want to start their own sportsbook. The software is especially made for bookies, so it seems practical to use it. Having been using a pay per head software for years, so I would like to review the pay per head software in general.

Some of you who are new to the industry may seem a bit confused with all the different companies we review, so we would first like to give you a general idea of how to be a bookie with a pay per head software. That way, you will know what to look for when you start reading our pay per head reviews.

epph sc 300x301I was browsing through sportsbook pay per head providers and I happened upon Easy Pay Per Head. Their site looks fresh and new, so I thought that I could check them out and see if they are truly as easy to use as they say they are. So here I am doing a service review of this up and coming pay per head sportsbook software provider.  Before signing up, I wanted to make sure that their features were complete for a sports betting software provider. From what I saw in their site, they actually do have the whole lineup of gambling options that people need.

pppA lot of people who travel across the world would always want a way to earn income from anywhere they are. This means having a flexible job that will give you good income. But teaching english online, or working as an online admin is a saturated market. One way to earn money from home, even while travelling, is by having your own pay per head sportsbook

Barberia Paris - Bargain Haircut in Costa RicaAfter living in Costa Rica for 10 years, you would think that I would have found the perfect barber or hairstylist by now.

I mean, we are talking about 120 haircuts which in my case, means about 57 different places that I have tried out without too much luck.

Some haircuts have been great others have been bad while others have been expensive and others cheap.

I had pretty much given up on finding a barber or hairstylist in Costa Rica that I could call MY barber or MY stylist until two months ago when I was walking towards Downtown, Guadalupe to meet a friend of mine at a the park.

Funeral in Costa RicaAbout 2 weeks ago my infant son passed away at the hospital.  I will not go into details as I am still in pain for the loss.  Even though he was just a baby when he passed away, his loss is still painful to me and my family.

I am writing this story for two reasons.  The first is that it is helping me cope with the loss and the second reason is because as an American living in Costa Rica, I hope that my story will help any other expat understand the process for a burial in Costa Rica. 

Dr Bitter Veterinarian in Costa RicaAs a proud pet owner in Costa Rica who loves his dog and wants the best care possible for him, I search high and low to find a good veterinarian in Costa Rica.

After several months of searching, I found a great one with Dr Bitter who has two locations which includes one in Escazu which was perfect for me as I live less then 1km away from his office.

I own a medium size dog that is a mix between a beagle and some other breed that I adopted from Animal Shelter Costa Rica a few months ago and I wanted to get him(spooky) checked out along with a flea bath.