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The Oregon bookie industry enjoyed a whopping 41.8% increase in betting handle in September. For those in the process of learning how to become a bookie, this is encouraging news, as it shows how the market continues to grow. The total sports betting handle reported by the state for the month of September is at $25.1 million, 41.8% higher than August’s $17.7 million.

This handle is actually lower than the same month last year, by around 4.2%, as Oregon had a sports betting handle of $26.2 million back in September 2020. Revenue is higher as well, with $1.3 million being 18.5% higher than August’s $1.1 million. As for revenue, the year on year numbers are lower as well, with the $1.3 million for September 2021 being 17.5% lower than that of September 2020’s $1.5 million.

Oregon Bookie Industry Improves

When you look at the Bookie PPH features you have available in your sportsbook, you will be able to see the activity in your sportsbook. From here, you can see where the wagers are coming from. And in the case of Oregon, the increase in handle is largely due to the start of football season.

Football takes in $9.7 million worth of wagers out of the total monthly handle. With both college and professional football (NFL) in full swing, the betting handle of all states that offer sports betting are likely to increase. Baseball comes in second at $6.8 million, with the postseason happening now, and soccer coming in third at $3.3 million in wagers.

Currently, there is only one online sportsbook in the state. This is run by the state lottery, which will be taken over by a sportsbook company soon. Of course, if the state had more sportsbooks, then the handle will be higher, and similar to other states with more open betting markets. If you want to have your own online sportsbook, you can read up on these bookie pay per head reviews to find one to your liking.


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